Organic Food Brokers
Why it works

As specialists, we believe in focused teams and category management.

We believe the quality of our service is directly proportionate to the strength of our team. Our Regional Sales Managers are youthful, high energy and articulate. They are professional representatives committed to you, your company and your products.

Outsourcing your national sales and brand management conserves one of your most valuable resources: Capital.

Launching new products is an expensive undertaking. By hiring Organic Food Brokers, you get the best of both worlds – A focused national team without the added cost of employer matching taxes, benefit packages, employee recruiting, training and turnover costs, travel expenses, etc…

We estimate that outsourcing can save you a minimum of 50% in your overall sales payroll budget.

Everybody has a pitch and ours is great. But we always say, “Don’t take our word for it, just as our clients.” Please contact us for a discrete list of business references.

“Managing a brand is like raising a child. You nurture the brand, watch it grow, want the best for it, and intervene when it’s struggling. You want the brand to grow up to be strong and successful.”Brian D. Hill / Donna Heckler – The Truth About Creating Brands People Love