Under our parent company, Innovative Food Holdings, our organization offers National Brand Management and Sales Services in 2 distinct channels. Organic Food Brokers manages the Natural Channel of Business while The Haley Group manages brands in the Foodservice Channel.  We operate these divisions independently of one another; however, we oftentimes find that clients have crossover opportunities between the 2 channels.  The Haley Group & Organic Food Brokers have relationships at all levels of the nation’s leading distributors.   Through our experience at the executive levels of distribution we have gained knowledge and insight into how the corporate offices think and operate.  This knowledge applies to Procurement, Sales /Marketing, Operations/Logistics and Legal negotiations. Our reputation can influence buying decisions and gives our clients a distinct competitive advantage over the thousands of other products that enter the market each year. By creating strategic partnerships with regional brokers, along with our own product due diligence, buyers have come to respect the brands we represent.